District Rules and Regulations 07-01

The District Rules and Regulations 07-01 and required checklists/forms are now available online. Please contact the District Engineer, Mr. Charles A. Kalkomey, at 281-342-2033, who will determine which section of the Rules and Regulations is applicable to your development/project.

Please read that section carefully. Do not use the old forms in the Blue Book. The updated checklist and permit forms to be filled out are listed individually. The checklist is a guideline of information to be submitted to the District office with an electronic copy sent to Mr. Kalkomey at least TWO WEEKS prior to the Board meeting. Mr. Kalkomey will review the information submitted and contact you, if needed. An incomplete packet, such as a missing bond or check for fees or insufficient drainage calculations, can result in unnecessary delays.

Our District office hours are 7 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. We can be reached at 281-375-5430 and appreciate the opportunity to work with you as our community continues to grow.